We are at a maximum level of external stimulation, consciousness is lifting, established organizations are gripping for control, more and more people are waking up, we are more connected interpersonally than we have ever been, we are being called to seek a higher truth, and expand into our greatest potential. These changes can feel like chaos. It’s imperative that we strengthen our immunity and electromagnetic field in order to stay healthy and at ease through this sensitive time in our collective and personal evolution. Zen Coaching can help. 

We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

What else will a Zen Coach teach you?

Besides meditation... A zen teacher will teach you how to live in joy and alignment in full awareness in all of life's moments. A zen teacher will teach you and show you where you are in the loop, where you are not living optimally. Want to do the work? Am I that zen teacher for you? Set up a session to find out. 

Throughout this life, we need one another for evolution, growth, and understanding. We need a witness; to the pain and the suffering, to the revelations, and the healing. We need someone to hold space and watch the emotions that are surging through us and the stories that are attached.  Conscious awareness provokes necessary changes. It lights the way. We need someone to talk to, someone to listen. Someone who is compassionate and without judgement, conditions, or prejudgice. Make an appointment. Let it out, let it go, be witnessed in your suffering, for where there is suffering there is also happiness. You are already there, lets honor the light. 


“Lisa has the magic, she is both gentle and strong, during the session I had a vision that I hadn’t thought of before, it gave me clarity about what I need to do. My breathing is better, the tension is no longer there, and I can see better, my throat had congestion and blockage, it is better also.  Everything balanced.”

Vasco Musician 2017

Lis' is a conductor of subtle energy. I've never experienced anything like it. 

Jack Conductor 2018

Lisa put me in the best place before I went into this meeting. She calmed me down. She prepared me. Literally, everything we talked about before the meeting came up… and I handled it.” 

Katie Administrator 2016

Curious about personal development?

Looking to live your best life? Know there is something more out there? Learn to look within and be supported and nurtured from a sustainable place. 



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